Sing Canada's History

Themes and Variations

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Tell the story of Canada through our folk songs! This collection of 14 traditional folk songs and one composed song can be used by music teachers, social studies teachers or classroom teachers. The orchestrated musical arrangements and vocal recordings are beautiful, and include both performance and accompaniment tracks.

The collection includes reproducible lyrics pages, a script telling the history of Canada and piano/vocal music. You can use the script and stage a complete production, or you can teach the songs as part of music or social studies classes.

A PDF file of all the vocal scores is included. Movies are available for teachers who have computer/projectors, SMART Boards or an IWB. 

Materials Included

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- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
- Notation Movies
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- Notation Movies

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Songs Include:

1.  Ho Ho Watanay 9.  Un Canadien errant
2. I'se the B'y 
(Single Song Kit)
10.  Riel's Farewell
3. En Roulant Ma Boule 11.  Confederation Song
4. V'la l'bon vent 12.  Drill Ye Tarriers
5. The Huron Carol (Single Song Kit) 13.  The CPR Line
6.  Brave Wolfe 14.  Little Old Sod Shanty
7. Marching Down to Old Quebec 15.  Canada Is A Story Book
8. Come All You Bold Canadians  



Audio: Ho Ho Watanay
Audio: The Huron Carols
Audio: Un Canadien Errant
Book: Sing Canada's History