Smart Rhythms for Fall

Themes and Variations


This is the most complete collection of rhythm activities ever written for Smartboard! Linda Miller has created 20 Notebook files with 80+ activities at four levels of difficulty for teaching, practicing, and assessing rhythm reading, writing, and composing.

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Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Printed Folder / Enhanced CD
- SMART Notebook
In the download edition:
- SMART Notebook

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Notebook Files Include:

- Rhythm Flashcards (Reading)
- Rhythm Canons (Create)
- Rhythm Bingo (Listening)
- Rhythmic Supplies (Notation)
- Harvest Happenings (Reading)
- Raking Up A Rondo (Composition)
- Rhythm Flashcards (Reading)
- Symbol Stew (Dictation)
- Counting Candies (Listening)
- Fall Sentences (Notation)
- Pumpkin Stew (Ostinato)
- Witch's Brew (Ostinato)
- Sneaky Spiders (Reading)
- Which Witch? (Listening)
- Thanksgiving Flashcards (Reading)
- Tic Tac Turkey (Reading)
- Rolling Out Rhythms (Rhythm Erase)
- Turkey Time (Reading)
- Game On! (Listening)
- Turkey Canon (Create)



Notebook: Pumpkin Stew
Notebook: Rhythm Flashcards
PDF: Pumpkin Stew
PDF: Rhythm Flashcards
Lesson Descriptions