Smart Rhythms for Fall

Themes and Variations


This is the most complete collection of rhythm activities ever written for Smartboard! Linda Miller has created 20 Notebook files with 80+ activities at four levels of difficulty for teaching, practicing, and assessing rhythm reading, writing, and composing. Files include flashcards, reading activities, rhythm erase, creating with ostinato, rondo, canon, rhythm bingo, tic tac toe, and composing with word rhythms.

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Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Printed Folder / Enhanced CD
- SMART Notebook
In the download edition:
- SMART Notebook

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Notebook Files Include:

- Rhythm Flashcards (Reading)
- Rhythm Canons (Create)
- Rhythm Bingo (Listening)
- Rhythmic Supplies (Notation)
- Harvest Happenings (Reading)
- Raking Up A Rondo (Composition)
- Rhythm Flashcards (Reading)
- Symbol Stew (Dictation)
- Counting Candies (Listening)
- Fall Sentences (Notation)
- Pumpkin Stew (Ostinato)
- Witch's Brew (Ostinato)
- Sneaky Spiders (Reading)
- Which Witch? (Listening)
- Thanksgiving Flashcards (Reading)
- Tic Tac Turkey (Reading)
- Rolling Out Rhythms (Rhythm Erase)
- Turkey Time (Reading)
- Game On! (Listening)
- Turkey Canon (Create)



Notebook: Pumpkin Stew
Notebook: Rhythm Flashcards
PDF: Pumpkin Stew
PDF: Rhythm Flashcards
Lesson Descriptions