Musicplay PreK Part 1 Fall Teacher's Guide

Themes and Variations

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This set of lessons for fall will give you everything you need to get your Pre-K classes singing, playing, moving, listening to and creating music.  It includes 40+ poems, finger plays, songs, listening examples, movement activities, instrument exploration, and storybook lessons.  The digital resources to project (purchased separately) include movies and kids/teaching demos of the poems and songs  if you have a computer/projector or SMART Board. 

Materials Included

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- Printed Book / Audio CD
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
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- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3

In the CD product:
- Audio MP3

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Songs, Poems and Chants Include:

- Time for Music
- Three Little Monkeys
- Alligator Alarm
- Short Letter A
- Monkeys
- Shake it Together
- Let’s Play Instruments
- Play the Instruments Quickly
- Play and Stop
- Brandenburg, Bach
- Skinamarink
- 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
- Alphabet Song - Zee
- Alphabet Song - Zed
- One Potato
- Farmer Brown
- Letter M
- Morgan Monkey
- Autumn, Vivaldi
- Counting Song
- Fall Leaves
- Open Shut Them
- Loud and Quiet Sounds
- Way Up High in the Apple Tree
- Letter T
- Turkey Tango
- Hey Everybody
- Slowly Quickly
- Eensy Weensy Spider
- Letter D
- Dance Doggie - D
- Follow Me Game
- Fast and Slow Sounds
- Little Miss Muffet
- Spider on the Floor
- Letter C
- C - Cool Cat
- Bony Skeletons
- Criss Cross Applesauce
- High and Low Sounds
- Five Little Pumpkins
- I Like Puppies
- Letter B
- Bebop the Bear
- Bear Hunt
- Poppies Red
- Teddy Bear Hoedown
- Ring Around the Rosie
- Long and Short sounds
- Letter G
- Grumpy Gorilla
- African Drums


Book: PreK Part 1
Audio: Falling Leaves - Scarf Activity
Audio: Open and Shut Them
Audio: Play and Stop
Audio: Hey Everybody
Audio: Farmer Brown 

Video Samples:
Youtube Clips - Preschool Music Lesson Demonstration

Lyric Movies - Samples from Digital Resources (Purchased Separately)
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Kids Demo Movies - Samples from the Digital Resources (Purchased Separately)