Musicplay Kindergarten Digital Resources

Themes and Variations


For teachers with a Smartboard, IWB or computer/projector

What’s included: 

Every musical selection that is in Musicplay for Kindergarten is given in 3 formats.
1. PowerPoint with audio 
2. QuickTime movies of the song lyrics - just click and the song plays, switching the slides for you 
3. Smartboard Files (audio is inserted into the one slide lyrics)

  • Musical notation of each song for the teacher’s use
  • Song lyrics with colorful illustrations - great for shared reading!
  • One slide lyrics: All the lyrics for each song are given on one slide for times that the teacher doesn’t want to click through a PowerPoint. This slide in the notebook file will have the audio included.
  • Color coded Boomwhacker® melodies for simple reading and scale songs
  • Slides to teach students to read rhythms, and simple so-mi melodies
  • Orff arrangements
  • PDF files of all the PowerPoints
  • Searchable Excel index
  • Kids demo movies of some of the singing games and Christmas songs
  • Links to excellent websites
  • If teachers have a Smartboard in their classroom, they can use all the interactivity of the board when using the Smart Notebook files.


Powerpoint: Hey Hey Look at Me
Powerpoint/PDF: Hey Hey Look at Me
Notebook Sample: Put Your Finger On Your Lip

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