Movement Songs Children Love

Themes and Variations

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With young children, movement is an essential part of making music.  The 10 songs in this collection are Denise's favorite songs to engage and captivate primary school students in active music making. These songs are the finest written by a talented group of children’s performers and teachers.  Why are they so appealing? The songs have clever lyrics and goofy sound effects.  While movements are suggested for all the songs, there is a lot of room for creativity by the children who perform them. Children love the challenge of remembering the movements while singing and they are fun to perform!

Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 3

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Songs Include:

1.  Elephants Have Wrinkles by  April Kassirer
2. Monkeys by  Susan Marcus
3. One Green Jelly Bean by  Lee and Sandy Paley
4. Clap! Stamp! Shake! by  April Kassirer
5. Skateboard Rider by  April Kassirer
6.  Statue Game by Sandy Tobias Offenheim
7. Napoléon a Traditional French Folksong
8. Easter Bunny Boogie by  Denise Gagné
9. I Can Do the Bunnie Hop Too! by  Denise Gagné
10. Sam the Robot Man by  Denise Gagné


Audio: Elephants Have Wrinkles
Audio: Monkeys
Audio: One Green Jellybean
Audio: Skateboard Rider
Audio: Statue Game
Book: Movement Songs Children Love
Projectable: Movement Songs Children Love