Easy Music Theory Package

Themes and Variations


This resource includes worksheet answer keys for the treble and bass clef in a hard copy version and on disc for projecting specific pages from the student book.  Marking the student workbooks will be easy using the disc that includes the projectable answer keys, Easy Music Theory book, and assessments in pdf and PowerPoint versions. 

An assessment package is included in the Teacher’s Guide with 15 quizzes in the treble and bass clef and a hard copy/projectable answer key.

This package comes with 1 teacher's guide and 25 student books!

Some of the topics covered:

• Note names in treble and bass clef
• Measures & Bar Lines   
• Rhythms & Note Values
• Time Signatures   
• Conducting Patterns   
• Dynamics Terms  
• Tempo Terms   
• Instrument Fingerings  
• Repeats   
• Sharps/Flats/Naturals   
• Articulation   
• Music Notation   
• Whole & Half Steps   
• Scales   
• Expression Terms   
• Key Signatures  

For more information about the Teacher's Guide and the Student Books click the links below: 
- Teacher's Guide
- Student Books

Materials Included

1 Teacher's Guide + 25 Student Books
- Printed Teacher's Guide Book
- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
- 25 Student Books
- Online Quiz Access

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Easy Music Theory Teacher's Guide

Easy Music Theory Book Sample