Canadian Folk Songs for Young Voices Volume 1 - SATB

Themes and Variations

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This new series of Canadian folk songs is arranged for young choirs by noted Canadian composer, Craig Cassils. Each collection includes piano/vocal and reproducible vocal scores.  The CD includes performance and piano accompaniment tracks.

This is like getting 8 octavos for the price of one book/CD! 

Materials Included

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Songs Include:

1.  I'se the B'y 
(Single Song Kit)
5.  Love is Easy
2. The Old County Fair 6.  Jimmy Judge
3. Citadel Hill 7.  Mary Ann
4. The Banks of Newfoundland 8.  The Morning Dew


Audio: The Banks of Newfoundland 
Audio: Citadel Hill
Audio: Jimmy Judge
Audio: Love is Easy
Audio: Mary Ann
Audio: The Morning Dew
Audio: The Old County Fair
Book: Canadian Folk Songs Vol. 1 SATB