Artie & Denise 2020: Recorded Sessions

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Online Odyssey 2020

The Recorded Sessions

Join Artie Almeida, Denise Gagne, and their guests for a online music education adventure!

What is Included:

- 30 Sessions of an eclectic mix of music topics.
- Handouts will be available to download for each session.
- Certificates will be available for 25+ Hours.
- 3 Months of MusicplayOnline time.
- Viewing of the sessions will be available until December 31, 2020.

Session Topics

Session #1: Building a Rhythmic Foundation – Artie
Session #2: Rehearsal Matters! Back to Basics for Online Learning – Greg Gilpin
Session #3: Ready to Listen – Denise
Session #4: Movin’ and Groovin’ – Artie
Session #5: Ukulele Fun – Denise
Session #6: Singing Fun ‘n Games – Artie
Session #7: Rhythm Fun and Games – Denise
Session #8: The Triple Crown: Movement, Poems, and Books! – Katie Grace Miller
Session #9: Super Simple Music Centers – Stacy Werner
Session #10: Creating Kits, Lineup Activities, and MORE! – Denise
Session #11: Learn to Listen: Listen to Learn – Artie
Session #12: Concept Collage – Artie
Session #13: Love to Listen – Denise
Session #14: Using FlipGrid – Kathleen Theisen
Session #15: Listening Fun with Scarves and Tennis Balls – Dan Fee
Session #16: Adapted Singing Games Part 2 – Denise
Session #17: Where There’s Passion, There’s Retention! – Artie
Session #18: SeeSaw and Musicplay – Amy Burns
Session #19: Using Google Classroom – Kathleen Theisen
Session #20: Virtual Choir? Why? How? – Kathleen Theisen
Session #21: Final Q&A Session with Artie & Denise
Session #22: MusicplayOnline Panel: what’s new, what’s coming, and what do you want to see? – Musicplay Team

Bonus Sessions

Session #23: Stories that Sing – Jeanette Shorey
Session #24: Making Music, Literacy, and Movement Fun for Everyone – Christie Noble & Tracy Stener
Session #25: Strictly Warm-Ups! For all ages… – Kerry Heisler
Session #26: Teaching Guitar, Band, and Choir Virtually – Kerry Heisler
Session #27: Practical Activities for a Post-COVID Classroom – Denise
Session #28: Fun Movement Activities for Zoom Lessons or Spaced Class – Denise
Session #29: Adapting Singing Games Part 1 – Denise
Session #30: How to Use MusicplayOnline – Denise

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