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Do you teach elementary music? Musicplay is the affordable sequenced curriculum for teaching PreK - Grade 6 music. Now there is an online resource with everything that is in Musicplay - and so much more! Over 1000 songs to choose from with lyric movies, notation movies, kids demos, song activities, lesson plans, interactive activities, printables, concept slides, and so much more! You can search songs by keyword (graduation), tone set (high do), or rhythm!

The Musicplay Digital Resources include song movies and kids demo movies of every song. These are all online, plus we've added note highlight movies to help children learn solfege and note reading! Concept Teaching slides from the PowerPoints are found in 'Concept Slides.' The song activities, weekly outlines, monthly outlines, tracking sheets, and more can be found in the Lesson Planning Section. The best part is that all of this and more is available at your fingertips wherever you are! 

Who is this for? 

  • Elementary Music Teachers
  • Music Specialists
  • General Classroom Teachers
  • Private Music Teachers
  • Homeschoolers
  • Students PreK - Grade 6

What do you get for $149.95/year?

  • Teacher access (for one teacher who teachers in multiple schools); OR School access (access for all teachers in one school)
  • Student access (a student account for a teacher's account that is currently valid) 

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    MusicplayOnline Includes:

    Interactive Activities:

    The online site includes so much more than the Musicplay Teacher's guides and digital resources. There are hundreds of interactive activities available to use on a computer and students iPads and devices! 

    Thousands of videos are included to teach: 

    Printable materials include: 

    • Orff arrangements
    • Boomwhacker arrangements
    • Piano accompaniments (all songs)
    • Ukulele and Guitar accompaniments
    • Song-specific worksheets
    • Concept specific worksheets
    • One-page lyrics
    • Creating and composing activities

    Printable teaching resources include: 

    • Song Activities
    • Weekly Lesson Plans
    • Monthly Lesson Plans
    • Yearly Plans
    • Sample lesson procedures 

    Listening Resources: Kit 1 - Kit 5 + Extras! 

    Over 200 selections including Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, and selections from all periods of music.

    And so much more! 

    Lesson Planning is done for you!

    Every song in PreK - Grade 6 have lessons designed around them that integrate instruments, movement, reading, writing, creating, and interactives into the lesson! Check out the sample lessons below to see what MusicplayOnline has to offer you. Click here to see more! 



    What do the students have access to? 

    • Games
    • Ukulele Section
    • Guitar Section
    • Recorder Level 1 and 2
    • Song-Specific interactive activities
    • Pop Quizzes
    • Metronome tool
    • Form tool
    • How Music Feels
    • Ways to Move
    • Rhythm Composition
    • Melody Composition
    • Staff Tool